Delivery Systems


Drug delivery is another health care application for our biosynthetic cellulose. The 3D cellulose structure can serve as a matrix for many different formulations like solutions, emulsions or suspensions. By incorporating active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) or cosmetic actives into the 3D structure, biosynthetic cellulose can be used as a drug delivery system, for example, for transdermal delivery. 

The benefits of biosynthetic cellulose as a drug delivery system:

  • Release kinetics can be influenced by material and pharmaceutical formulation, e.g., for controlled release[1, 2]
  • Hydro-active properties can increase skin permeability e.g. for transdermal patches
  • Pharmaceutical APIs and cosmetic active ingredients can be used in delivery systems with biosynthetic cellulose

By combining the wound-healing properties of our biosynthetic cellulose with active ingredients such as antiseptics, there is also significant potential for future advanced wound management.

Would you like to discuss a pharmaceutical formulation or find out more about biosynthetic cellulose as a drug delivery technology? Perhaps a high-quality cellulose-based biomaterial can help you develop your drug formulation. We look forward to exploring this drug delivery option with you! Get in touch with us through email

[1] Alkhatib, Y., et al. "Controlled extended octenidine release from a bacterial nanocellulose/Poloxamer hybrid system." European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 112 (2017): 164-176.

[2] Beekmann, U., et al. "Process control and scale-up of modified bacterial cellulose production for tailor-made anti-inflammatory drug delivery systems." Carbohydrate polymers 236 (2020): 116062. doi: 10.1016/j.carbpol.2020.116062

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